Mini Bins

Save $50 on 15yd Bin Services, Book Now!

Need a bin rental for your clean-up? Omar’s has 15 cubic yard bins perfect for residential or commercial clean-ups and small renovation projects and can easily fit in back lanes or parking stalls. $150/load plus landfill charges. Includes 3 day rental, delivery and pick-up.

Call (204) 338-9399 today or email to book.

Other bin sizes also available. Call for pricing.
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This is not a test…. Spring is in the air. For real!

It’s that time of year. The temperature is rising, the sun is shining (mostly) and the snow is finally melting. If you’re like us, you’re looking forward to everything that comes with spring. Except, of course, the mess. When the snow melts away, we begin to see what lies beneath. Plastic wrappers, drink containers, paper scraps and so on can be seen littered along sidewalks, backlanes and in parks.

Aside from the sunshine, green grass and flowers, the good news is that many communities pull together for an annual spring clean-up. Community leaders, families and even businesses hit the streets with brooms, shovels and garbage bags in an effort to rid their neighbourhood of the litter that has accumulated over the winter months.

A community clean-up can generate a very large amount of waste that will now need to be disposed of. Leaving this waste in the back lane for city crews to pick up on garbage day is not advisable for a number of reasons. Primarily, there will be many bags of garbage, as well as loose items, that will not fit into our regular garbage and recycling bins. And if left for garbage day can get ripped open by rodents and other animals.

A solution for this is to consider renting one or more waste containers from Omar’s Environmental. The containers can be used as a central waste station for the whole community. Garbage bags and other waste items can be collected throughout the clean-up by volunteers with pick-up trucks and brought back to the central waste station. At the end of the clean-up Omar’s will pick up the bins and dispose of the waste by taking it to the appropriate facility.

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2019 Construction Trends

3 Construction Recycling considerations for 2019

Every year, there are a number of growing trends that will affect the construction industry. 2019 is no different. Here are 3 considerations to keep in mind for in 2019:

The More We Build, The More We Waste

Every year, construction spending increases. This means more construction, demolition and waste management. It’s simple, more buildings go up and more building come down. The result of this is more waste being created at construction sites.

Construction companies and contractors must take the opportunity to recycle unused materials from their construction sites. This responsibility includes more than just separating seemingly recyclable items. IT is increasingly important that materials be sorted and handled carefully to ensure that contamination is not taking place.

Contaminated materials can cause major problems. Similar to the term, one apple spoils the bunch – one contaminated material can contaminate other materials and cause them to all need discarding. Contaminated recycling materials inevitably end up in the land fill.

Awareness and proper training can help companies run a successful recycling program on their job sites.

What Does Lean Construction Mean?

One practice that is picking up steam is lean construction. This includes reducing or eliminating waste by implementing smarter processes.

A lot of construction companies are practicing Lean construction or shifting toward that approach of project management. One of the pillars of Lean construction is reducing or eliminating waste through better processes.

It’s quite simple in theory – less waste equals less recycling. Having a smaller amount of waste to sort through will make it easier to determine what is recyclable an what is not.

Technology Is Your Friend

Technology is advancing quickly and becoming a larger part of many industries every year. Why not let it do some work for you?

Drones can fly above and survey a construction site, while sorting machines can improve efficiency. There are many possibilities for technology to help improve your recycling process if you let it.

Budget can be a restriction. Especially, when it comes to implementing technology. So, when planning your 2019 budget, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of including new technology into your construction recycling process.

Omar’s Environmental can help you with your construction recycling and waste management needs. For more information, please contact us today!

Understanding The Demolition Process

In the construction industry, the phrase, ‘what goes up, must come down’, has a certain significance. Regardless of whether a building is commercial or residential, it will at some point, face demolition. This can be a result of a building becoming unsafe due to structural weakness or an owner deciding they want to redevelop their property. No matter the reason, it is at this point that you should consult a demolition contractor. Choosing the right contractor to plan and oversee everything from construction waste disposal to safety will result in a successful demolition. Continue reading “Understanding The Demolition Process”