Omar’s Environmental at the Annual North End Community Clean Up

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On June 2, 2017, Omar’s Environmental participated in the Annual Community Clean Up hosted by the North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC). The event was a huge success with dozens of community members stepping up and taking part in this fantastic event.

As a company dedicated to environmental sustainability, we take great pride in contributing to events such as this, as they give us an opportunity to give back and support the positive development of our communities.

About the North End Community Clean Up

Every year, the NECRC hosts a clean up event that not only brings the community together, but helps to improve the overall image of the community. Community members show up bright and early and head out in teams to designated areas within the community.

This year, Omar’s Environmental donated 2 of our waste containers to be used during the cleanup. These containers were both filled thanks to the hard work of the participants.

It was a truly wonderful experience seeing the community come together and take ownership over their community.

About the North End Community Renewal Corporation

The North End Community Renewal Corporation was developed by a coalition of Winnipeg organizations in the late 1990’s to address some concerns about certain trends in Winnipeg’s North End. The organizations observed the positive impacts of community development corporations in other parts of Canada and the U.S., and decided a similar approach would be beneficial to Winnipeg’s North End community. The NECRC serves the community and residents within the boundaries north of the CP tracks, south of Carruthers Ave., east of McPhillips Street and west of the Red River.

The directive of the corporation is to encourage the social, economic and cultural renewal of Winnipeg’s North End. This is done by incorporating initiatives that improve housing quality and accessibility, implementing employment and employment development programs, and crime reduction initiatives.