2017 Winnipeg Folk Fest Implements Sustainable Waste Solutions

Winnipeg Folk Fest
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Omar’s Environmental is proud to be the waste management partner of the 2017 Winnipeg Folk Fest. Over the course of the festival, Omar’s will be providing sustainable waste management services to the festivals 50,000 plus attendees.

About The Winnipeg Folk Fest

The Winnipeg Folk Fest is an annual event which takes place each year at Bird’s Hill Park. It is a colorful and welcoming celebration of life, living, good food and exciting entertainment. The Winnipeg Folk Fest runs from July 6 to July 9 and will attract a crowd of over 50,000 people. Attendees are drawn to the opportunity to experience camp-style activities, make acquaintances, and create unique memories with family and friends.

Over the period of the festival, 18 permanent and contracted staff, assisted by 2,700 volunteers, endeavor to keep the atmosphere charged and the momentum going. As a participant, you can choose to camp on the Festival grounds, engage in any of the daytime workshop activities for families, collaborate with musical artists, as well as indulge your appetite for great food.

About Omar’s Environmental

Omar’s Environmental is one of Canada’s leading providers of comprehensive waste management services. The company prides itself on the provision of “efficient and sustainable waste and recycling disposal services for all residential, commercial, industrial and construction projects in the city of Winnipeg and surrounding areas of rural Manitoba.”

Sustainable Waste Solutions at The Festival

A top priority for the organizers of the Winnipeg Folk Fest is environmental sustainability. As such, they have chosen to implement several practices that will help maintain this vision. For example, there shall be no sale of bottled water at the four day long event. Participants are expected to come along with a water bottle or to purchase one at the festival grounds, where clean, tap-borne water will be provided.

As waste management partners to the festival, Omar’s Environmental will provide portable waste disposal facilities and equipment. There will be scheduled lectures and workshops on practicing sustainable and environmentally-friendly waste disposal methods as part of the festival’s activities.

Winnipeg Folk Fest and Omar’s Environmental hope that the momentum from this partnership will reverberate long after the close of the festival. The organizers project that participants will become agents of change; propagating the benefits of sustainable living by way of engaging in the efficient disposal and management of waste in Canada and around the world. Not to mention, having fun while doing so.

For more information about Omar’s Environmental sustainable waste solutions, contact us today.

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