What is the Manitoba Climate and Green Plan?

Manitoba Climate and Green Plan
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There is no doubt that our climate is changing. Climate change cannot be denied. The facts are conclusive, change is real, and it is changing at an concerning rate. It is a not only a threat to the planet, but it is also a serious threat to the Manitoba economy, its ecosystems, and its communities.

In the early part of 2017, the Manitoba government held a public consultation to determine a vision for a cleaner and greener province. The result was the Manitoba Climate and Green Plan.

About the Carbon Tax

Recently the Province of Manitoba announced its Climate and Green Plan. One of the biggest takeaways is the inclusion of a $25 per tonne carbon tax that will begin in 2018. There will be a noticeable increase to the price of gasoline by about five cents per litre, as well as an increase in the price of heating fuels like propane and natural gas.

How Will the Carbon Tax Be Used?

Approximately $260 million in new revenue will be raised by the new carbon tax. The province will be holding public consultations regarding how the revenue should be used. Some possibilities include:

  • Reducing other taxes
  • Offering rebates for home energy
  • Investment in clean technology
  • Building a greener infrastructure

What is Included in The Manitoba Climate and Green Plan?

The are many other notable inclusions in the Climate and Green Plan which effect the construction industry. Included in the plan are some of the following:

  • Introduction of actions to increase alteration of construction, renovation and demolition waste including wood and shingles.
  • Improving the provincial green building standards for government owned building and new construction activities.
  • Creating a greener infrastructure. This includes flood controls, water treatment, active transportation and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Improving community energy plans. The result being more energy efficiency upgrades in residential, commercial and industrial structures.

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