Manitoba’s Waste and Recycling Sector Report Summary

waste and recycling report summary
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A recently published report had several interesting findings pertaining to the Green Economy within Manitoba. The primary goal was to identify the various organizations within Manitoba associated with waste and recycling. Data was collected through the WRARS database, as well as through online research. The underlining purpose of the study was to develop a stronger understanding of the green economy within Manitoba, specifically, the waste and recycling sector.

Some of the more outstanding findings of the study were as follows:

  • There are roughly 645 organizations involved in Manitoba green economy waste and recycling sector.
  • The waste and recycling sector contributes millions of dollars to the Manitoba economy each year.
  • The average annual salary for those working in waste management was $41,534.50.
  • Based on those surveyed, there are a total of 515 full-time workers within this sector.
  • With 515 full-time workers averaging $41,534.50 annually, $21,411,034.75 is contributed to Manitoba’s economy every year.
  • When surveyed about corporate social responsibility, the following 5 activities were determined as the most prominent:
  1. Recycling or composting within the workplace
  2. Participating in charitable initiatives
  3. Promoting active or public transport
  4. Promoting equality within the workplace
  5. Partnering with non-profit organizations

If it were assumed that organizations not participating in the survey answered in similar fashion; this sector would add an estimated $184,537,783.50 to Manitoba’s economy every year.

Omar’s Environmental is proud to be a contributing part of the waste and recycling sector of Manitoba. For more information about us or any of our services, please contact us here.

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