$50 Off Mini Bins – Perfect Fit for Smaller Projects

Mini Bins
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Get a mini bin from Omar’s for $50 off our regular price.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

If you or your company are doing a small renovation or waste removal job and don’t need a large waste container, our mini bins are perfect.

Measuring in at 15 cubic yards, these small waste containers are ideal for situations where space is limited. Our trucks can easily deliver and pick them up and they will have no problem fitting into a commercial parking stall.

Why Use a Mini Bin?

Mini-bins are practical, convenient and ideal for those smaller jobs where a large container is either unnecessary or simply takes up too much space. Additionally, the smaller sizes of these containers are easier on the eyes and offer a stronger curb appeal than the larger sizes.

Contact us today for more information or to reserve a mini bin for your next project.

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