Understanding The Demolition Process

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In the construction industry, the phrase, ‘what goes up, must come down’, has a certain significance. Regardless of whether a building is commercial or residential, it will at some point, face demolition. This can be a result of a building becoming unsafe due to structural weakness or an owner deciding they want to redevelop their property. No matter the reason, it is at this point that you should consult a demolition contractor. Choosing the right contractor to plan and oversee everything from construction waste disposal to safety will result in a successful demolition.

Determine your Requirements

The demolition of a building is no simple task. It is a process that is complex that involves a variety of steps. Not only are there numerous steps, there are also numerous techniques – all of which will be determined by a professional demolition contractor. Be sure that you use your due diligence in selecting a qualified and experienced demolition contractor.

Formulating the Demolition Plan

It’s all in the planning. The plan will specify the techniques and equipment required to carry out the demolition. The goal is to make sure that the demolition is successful and uses the safest methods while staying on budget. Size, materials, and location are some key factors in determining the plan. Upon completion of the plan, the contractor will have a solid understanding of the time, equipment, and cost of the project. They will know the approximate amount of waste that will be generated including the methods for waste management, as well as, what items can be recycled.

Obtaining Demolition Permits

Before a demolition project can begin, the appropriate permits must be obtained. The reason permits must be obtained is because the landscape surrounding the demolition will be affected, as well the property values and taxes. Once the plan is generated and approved, the contractor will obtain the permits and demolition can now legally commence.

Demolition Site Preparation

Once a demolition project has been approved, preparation can begin. As with any project in any industry, preparation is the key to success. Simple things can often be overlooked, so, it is important that all preparation and precautions have been completed. It is imperative that the building be cleared out and that gas, water and power are completely cut off. Inspecting the building for hazardous materials like asbestos is also crucial. It is also at this point that all materials that can be recycled be carefully removed to avoid damage.

Plan Execution

Now that you have determined your requirements, developed the plan, obtained permits and prepared your site, you can now effectively execute the demolition. While precision and care are integral, this part of the process is still fascinating and a sight to behold.

If you have any questions regarding the demolition process, please contact us to see how we can help.

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