Effects of Cold Weather on Winter Construction

Winter Construction
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When the cold weather rears its ugly head in Manitoba, the construction industry experiences a distinct change in productivity and material behaviour. These changes can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line due to increased costs and delayed completion times. It is important for businesses to know what to be aware of to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

Cold weather Leads to Higher Costs

In general, cold weather leads to higher costs. Keeping workers and equipment working efficiently in colder temperatures comes at the expense of increased fuel consumption and maintenance. Some circumstances require the use of extra fuel to prevent equipment from freezing. Diesel costs are not cheap and tend to take up a large portion of a projects budget. Additionally, cold weather can influence material availability and shipping rates, meaning higher prices for supplies.

Delayed Building Schedules

Delayed building schedules during cold-weather periods are a consistent issue within the construction industry. Construction tends to come to a standstill when workers cannot make it to a job site due to cold weather. Not only that, but during extreme weather conditions, many jobsites shut down completely, as it can compromise worker safety.

Cold Weather Can Affect Waste Management Efforts

When workers are dealing with cold-weather, it can be hard to maintain consistent effort and efficiency. One example is waste disposal. During non-winter months, it is much easier to deal with the elements and sort through various types of waste to ensure they are disposed of correctly.

Preparation is Key

Scheduling is a key component to reducing winter construction costs. Installing foundations prior to the ground freezing and purchasing building supplies prior to increased winter prices can save considerable amounts of time and money.
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